BBO Mobile Integration

BBO Mobile (in association with Aetas Mobile) is a new mobile carrier in South Africa which will completely change the way you buy airtime or data.

Clients get all their money spent on airtime, data and product purchases back. Redeem every cent spent on recharging data or airtime on MORE airtime or data. Or redeem it on some other fantastic products from the BBO mobile store.

Product Offering

Your main product will be your 'Club' offering that will give customers the choice to redeem ALL the money spent on airtime for clothing and related products. No other such product offering exists currently in SA that can compete with the'Club' product. Other products offered by BBOMobile are Prepaid Airtime, Contract Phones, Data bundles, SMS and MMS. All pricing is based on industry related cost models.

  • Offer your customers all their money back on airtime/data purchases
  • Integrated with more than 700 products where customers can spend their cash back
  • Contract phones offering R10 000 cash back

The BBOmobile integration pays you 60% commission on BBO mobile products.

Add this unique product offering from BBO Mobile to your online shop and enhance your online shop’s success.

The BBO Mobile integration can be added additionally onto the ECRP 2018 local site or the full combined site.